About Andrew Chisholm

I49_andrewcstudio-w420 live and work in a former Salvation Army chapel in Nunhead, London SE15. I returned to uni to study photography, graduating from University of Westminster with a BA in Photography in 2013.

My practice is based around traditional analogue photographic materials. I don’t set much store by ‘analogue is best’ arguments, but I enjoy handling the physical materials and exploring what happens when you treat them in ways that their diligent designers might hope you’d refrain from.





I started making small pieces of equipment forĀ Unknown Persons to help me make the extreme enlargements I was aiming for. From there, I made most of the set up for the watergrams – a tank and means to hold the paper, but also a timing circuit for the several flashguns, and a light mixing box to ensure that light from the guns originates from the same spot.

Making equipment and reconfiguring processes is now a central part of my practice. For the figurative photograms, I recently finished a ‘Light Synthesiser’ which enables me to make light of any colour I choose. The photos show some of the stages in building the circuits and joining them all up. As of late 2015, I’ve only just begun to explore the huge range of possibilities this opens up.